Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vegan Jam Rolly Polly

This recipe doesnt have to be vegan at all, the secret ingredient is Suet, which you can get both a Vegan and Meat version :)

You will need:

8oz Plain Flour
4oz Suet
A lot of Jam or marmalade
A spoonful of sugar
Optional - for a glaze, either Milk (cows/hemp/soya) or a beaten egg


1. Mix the Flour and suet together in a bowl.

2. Add spoonfuls of water, bit by bit, and stir in until you have a sturdy dough.

3. Roll out into a square on a lightly floured bit of baking paper

4. Spread your jam all over the square - nice and evenly

5.  Use the baking paper to help you roll the pastry.  The best way is to lift and roll, to ensure that you keep a good layer of jam as you roll round.

6. Once rolled, spoon over some milk as a glaze, then sprinkle on a spoonful of sugar. Dont use too much because the sweetness comes from the jam!

7. Bake in the oven at Gas mark 6 for 25 minutes, then gas mark 4 for another 15 minutes. Leave to cool before eating as hot jam is very very very hot!

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