Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ode to Haggis

This is not a recipe, instead I am going to try ad convince you to try haggis because it is just delicious!

Most people have heard horrible things about haggis, and the idea of it being boiled in a sheeps stomach is enough to turn most people off it.  However, most modern haggis is in casing rather than a stomach, and if your still unsure then why not try vegetarian haggis!

The main reason I like haggis so much is because its delicious, its super easy to prepare (can microwave it in minutes), its cheap, its lovely and meaty and it tastes like the nicest stuffing in the world!  You can eat it on its own, or have it with mash potatoes and veg.

My first experience of haggis was fairly recently.  Some friends of mine found a vegetarian haggis in the bins outside M&S in a skipping mission.  One of my friends who was already a fan highly recommended it, and I thought well because its vegetarian, whats the worst that can happen.  Well, I was very pleased I tried it because it was so nice!  I am a really big fan of stuffing - I always insist we have as many types at xmas as possible, and I often taste test different flavours on the run up to xmas - and the haggis I tried was just like a rich, filling, flavoursome, perfect stuffing! Yum yums

So after that I was converted, and I was especially excited to try a meaty haggis to see if it was as good.  Luckily, a few weeks later my friends skipped a proper haggis, and after boiling it up on the camp fire for about half and hour it was ready!  It was amazing! So meaty, and filling, and warming and tastey.

 I cant really describe the wonder of the taste to you! It is so nice you just have to try it yourself! Its avaliable in most supermarkets - but I would recommend better quality ones for a better taste!  If you are low on funds Haggis can be a great way to get your meaty fill on a budget - or better still have a look in your local super market bins - especially after Burns night on the 25th January!

Try it! You wont regret it!!

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